Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development team is hosting its annual National Indigenous U18s Rugby Championships in Alice Springs from the 20th to the 23rd of April 2012.

The National Indigenous U18s Rugby Championships is a well known event for Indigenous young males who are 18 years old and under! It is revolved around the codes of conduct "No School - No Play" and "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug free."  It also looks to promote the following:
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Gambling
  • Alcohol, and Tobacco Intervention
  • Preventative Awareness Programs
  •  Domestic and Child Abuse Issues
  •  Men being Men
  • Cultural Responsibility  
Four days will be dedicated to workshops and rugby games which are meant to create a positive impact on the lives of these young men!
In order for the boys to participate in the upcoming event, they had to fill out the appropriate application and had to be turning 17 or 18 in the year 2012 meaning their date of birth is in the year of 1994 or 1995.
The four teams to take part in this championship are New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, and Combined States. 
In the past, the boys have truly enjoyed their experience. Here are some comments that reflect the success of past National Indigenous U18s Championships:       
  • "Good culture experience."
  •  "Good place to have the camp and the brotherhood we have with each other."
  •  "I've played lloydies 3 years in a row and each year it keeps getting better! Only thing that could get better is if we get to keep the jerseys. The best thing about lloydies is the people you meet...the players, coaches, managers, etc. Also playing rugby and the opportunity to play at higher levels."
  •  "This is my first year doing this and I find it very interesting. I got to go to places I've never been and it's good to experience stuff like this."
  • "It was a great experience I wouldn't change a thing, seeing Uluru and learning more about our culture, making new friends, and making me want to be a leader for tomorrow."

Parents, family, and friends of the players should support them by attending the event!